News from April 2022 – Roman mosaic found in Roman villa associated with the Germanic king Theodoric

Theodoric “the Great” was king of the Ostrogoths between AD 471 to 526. Considered by some as the Western Emperor as per the facts on the ground, he ruled the Ostrogothic Kingdom of Italy from AD 493 to 526.

Theodoric restored and rebuilt Roman cities’ structures such as the Senate’s Curia, aqueducts, and sewers.

The mosaic was unearthed in a Roman Villa from the 4th or 5th century AD. There is no mention of Theodoric, and the possible association with him was due to the high status of the mosaic and villa, which indicates the association with a high-status person.

Archaeological excavation in a 4th or 5th century Roman Villa
Image Credit : AGSM AIM Group

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