Runestone G134

Þenna æftiR Æi… … [va]rð dauðr a Vindau/Vindö. SystriR tvaR … brøðr þria. Hroðvaldr(?) ok Hroðgautr, Hroðarr ok Þorstæinn, þæiR eRu faðurbrøðr.

This (…) in memory of Ei-… (who) died at Vindey/Vindö. Two sisters … three brothers. Hróðvaldr(?) and Hróðgautr, Hróðarr and Thorsteinn, they are the father’s brothers.

Sjonhem Runestone G134, Gotlands fornsal, Visby, Sweden

The weathered runestone speaks volumes, its ancient runes whispering tales of a Viking who found his final resting place in the river Vendava, in the heart of the Eastern Baltic. This single stone is a testament to the profound impact this region had on the Viking world. Dozens more like it stand scattered across the landscape, silent guardians of a rich and vibrant history.

Embark on a journey through time, exploring the lives, myths, and legacies of the Vikings who called the Eastern Baltic home. We’ll delve into their trade routes, fierce battles, and fascinating beliefs, using the latest archaeological discoveries to paint a vivid picture of their world.

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