The Svingerud stone
The Svingerud stone – The Most Ancient Runestone Revealed in Norway

On 17 January 2023, professor Kristel Zilmer (University of Oslo) reported the discovery of the olde…

Olaus Magnus Carta Marina - 1540
Heresy in Olaus Magnus – Reactions to the Lutheran Reformation in the North (XVIs)

Published originally in Portuguese as: Reações à reforma luterana no Norte: as diversas faces da her…

Gotlandic picture stone from Stora Hammars I, in Lärbro parish, Sweden, displaying a Valknut and possibly depicting a Viking Age sacrifice.
Human Sacrifices and War Sacrifices in the Viking Age Scandinavia

Sacrifices have been common religious practices all around the world since prehistoric times. Nevert…

The Northern Lyres and The case for a Viking Age origin to the Baltic psalteries

This article contains additional pictures and videos (used in the live presentation on 12th August 2…



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