Bamberg Shrine Mug – Viking Age Art


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The Bamberg Shrine – Elegancy, Intricacy and Medieval-Viking Coolness

The Bamberg shrine is an outstanding example of the Viking Art Mammen Style (c. 950 – 1025), possibly picturing a lion fighting a serpent. Its history is obscure – although it was crafted by a Scandinavian artisan, the object was deposited in St. Stephan’s Church in Bamberg, Bavaria, during the 10th century. It was transported to the Cathedral in the same city and re-discovered during the 19th century.

Learn more about its history in Jorn Staecker’s article.

The Kurlandly Mug brings the Bamberg iconography to the daily needs.

Characteristics – a refined and cool Medieval-Themed Mug

* 11 oz (0.33 l)
* C-handle
.* Lead and BPA-free


Height 9.5 cm / 3.74in
Diameter 8 cm / 3.15in


Weight N/A


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