Our Story

“You step into the Road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there is no knowing where you might be swept off to.” – J.R.R. Tolkien


Kurlandly was created by a nerdy family interested in Arts & Crafts, Humanities, and Technology. We dreamed of freedom, independence, simplicity and meaning and decided to create a store that would help us achieve that while reflecting what we believe.

Who are we? What do we dream of?

Andris is a historian, scholar, writer and musician, an expert in medieval Northern Europe. Reserved and introverted, after getting his PhD and publishing his book on Saxo Grammaticus, Andris dreamt of getting independent from the traditional academy and building a log cabin. Andris also would like to create an online bookstore specialising in Northern Europe.

Larissa is a teacher, crafter, singer and talented cook. Sweat, bright and the owner of a lively personality, Larissa is fairly knowledgeable and experienced in Montessori methods for the first childhood. Larissa also knits and crochets beautiful and intricate garments, ornaments and dolls and dreams of expanding the business and selling her artistry worldwide.

What do we sell?

Every book and volume sold or promoted here was written by Andris and his colleagues and collaborators, established scholars in the field.

Our tees, wall clocks and tote bags are organic, sustainable and ethically produced. Our partners and suppliers for tees, hoodies and tote bags include Stella/Canvas, the most conscious organic producer in Europe, and Bella+Canvas, the US manufacturer committed to socially responsible practices and clean energy.

Our minimalist designs are inspired by real artefacts and depictions from Medieval Scandinavia and Viking Age, and also by public-domain artwork from the Baltic and Scandinavian nations. Some of our Viking-Art visuals were designed by Jonas Markus Rasmussen.

The Inspiration

Our inspiration is the past, but we aim for a sustainable future.

Larissa’s Japanese ancestry is a continuous source of inspiration for a better balance in life, equilibrium, philosophy and minimalistic aesthetics.

Andris’ seafarer, warrior and Northmen ancestors came from Kúrlandr, mentioned in the Swedish Runestones, the Scandinavian Sagas and Medieval Sources.
Known during the Early Modern Ages as Courland, the region had colonies in Gambia and Trinidad and Tobago.
Today, Kurzeme is a green, peaceful, prosperous region in Western Latvia recovering after decades of Soviet oppression.